Let us be clear: the professional figure of the Reflexologist does not exist because there are no laws regulating it. Nor are there diplomas or certificates qualifying the Reflexologists for the practice of therapeutic activities

They could carry out only if they had a degree in medicine or if they were physiotherapists or paramedics (under medical control at all times). Similarly, reflexology cannot be associated to the world of crafts as it does not fall within the beautician's disciplines.

So, a figure that does not exist cannot be challenged, as long as it does not practise its profession in legal conflict with the healthcare professions regulated by the National Healthcare Service, or the beauty and crafts sectors.

The Reflexologist can simply register for VAT at the Italian Revenue Agency under the designation “Reflexologist”. It is not possible for a Reflexologist to register with the Chamber of Commerce, but for practising purposes registering for VAT is sufficient.

Having said this, by teaching Plantar and Body Reflexology, the Lucia Torri Cianci Method offers beauticians the opportunity to learn an additional tool making their work safer and more professional; it enables Healthcare workers to learn a useful method for prevention, i.e. how to interpret the first signs shown by the feet and the body before any disorders or unbalances become clinically evident; it offers anyone wishing to approach Reflexology the opportunity to acquire the highest level of knowledge.

No qualifications, no recognition, no specific legal framework. All things considered, Reflexologists exist just for what they do for other people. Only if they can remove the signs of suffering by the skill of their hands.