1. Why this method

Founding principle: before fighting against a defect, balance has to be restored between body and mind
we are liquid
we are skin
we are flesh
we are blood
we are emotion
we are thought
we are beauty
we are energy
we are soul

- We are soul, therefore human, alive, owing to the presence of these elements communicating with one another. The Lucia Torri Cianci Method probes the power of such elements, it studies them, it goes deep into them, gives them a strong identity and joins them into a body, which is always our starting point. We observe, listen, codify and massage, we use our hearts and hands, driven by knowledge.
- We work to bring back the beauty that has been tarnished by an imperfection, to alleviate pain, to reduce the discomfort which lessens our strength.
- According to the Method, an imperfection is not the main enemy or, at least, it is not the only one. We have to understand ourselves, look within ourselves and identify the causes of our discomfort to get ready for change with a single objective: the awakening of our being and the regeneration of our body.
- More than forty years of research, thirty years of teaching, dozens of thousands of treatments and continuous evaluation of our work enable us to present a working Method in the field of massage, which is so original that the very word “massage” sounds a little reductive.

2. Basic principles

The Method and its objectives. A study of the reflex zones of feet and body
- Our work is based on the awareness that in anyone's body there is always some transformation going on.
- Thanks to the Method, the skills and tools that are useful to understand how to work on the body are passed on to professionals.
- Practitioners even learn how to read the silence of a person, a body, a tissue, and to listen to the stories that deposit on the skin, thereby marking or changing it.
- They can also learn how to interpret a body mark and understand why it has appeared in that zone, at that precise moment of a person's life.
- It is only at the end that each professional will be able to reduce the imperfection by focusing on the cause that gave rise to it.
The Method contributes to understanding the meanings of a postural disharmony, a tissue alteration, a thickened nail, and how to relate these to loss of serenity, nervous states, apathy. The Method teaches how to decode the language of a body segment which, with its powerful expressive ability, displays its “needs” at any time.
- Learning and listening to all the body, reading its map, especially by using the hands, will contribute to obtaining indications on how to release the knots which devitalize the tissues and immobilize the individual being, depriving it of any expressive freedom.
- Achieving the ideal of beauty deriving from harmony.

3. The method and the human being

Introduction to the practitioner's role and the power in his/her hands - The Lucia Torri Cianci Method is not a massage technique, but a way of intending human beings and their relations, to help them accept themselves without denying their inevitable imperfections.
The Method allows to widen the knowledge of body language, the study of reflex zones and the manual technique, so that the practitioner can help to achieve psychophysical well-being.
The practitioner will learn how to accompany that body and that mind towards a simpler and freer dimension, where beauty has the better over negative thinking, and wellness of the soul keeps away the phantoms of old habits. The practitioner will be able to put the foot zones into relation, to evaluate the existing dysfunction and restore the energy flow by stimulating the connected organs.
- By correctly stimulating the plantar reflex, the Practitioners of the Method bring the glands, tissues and organs back to normality. All of this is possible thanks to the power of their hands, made skillful by training and experience.

4. How to become an operator/professional

The Operator's principles and skills
- The pathway to become operators is fascinating, although long and complex. This brochure presents the different training level and the fundamental courses leading to the full training of a practitioner of the Method.
- Training professionals to whom to entrust the body, the spirit and final well-being is a very delicate task as it involves the very essence of being, the best of the deeper soul. Behind the Method there are the professionals and all their complex skills, ranging from the study of the reflex zones of the foot and body, the interpretation of aesthetic imperfections, the study of postures, energy evaluation, to character recognition, the analysis of body tissues and the understanding of psychosomatism. Valuable skills to which the operator will add a series of manual techniques.
- Becoming a Practitioner of the Method requires the acquisition of unique professional skills which are incredibly useful, humanly engaging, fruitful and with ethical implications. It means learning how to write on the body stories with a happy ending. In practical terms, this means becoming part of a world whose competencies will be used to:
- release physical zones hardened by poor posture
- support metabolisms
- reduce pain symptoms of various nature
- modify imperfections
- relieve tensions
- clean the tissues
- change negative moods
- restore positive thinking

5. Alius

Sometimes, cosmetics are needed to take care of the body. After looking around us, we have realised that there were no products suitable for our vision. Thus, we developed them and ALIUS was created, the first line of cosmetic treatments taking inspiration from the Lucia Torri Cianci Method.
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