The masseurs of the soul and their association

Some people recognise one another and share common experiences. Just like the Practitioners of the Lucia Torri Cianci Method, who are united by a sense of belonging and the professionalism so well outlined and represented by the Regional Bodies. The MAd'AN (MAssaggiatori dell'Anima – Masseurs of the Soul) professional Association was set up to bring together the Reflexologists trained according to the Lucia Torri Cianci Method.

The pride of having an excellent professional background, thanks to the knowledge and experience acquired with the Method, characterises a group of Reflexology practitioners who use an interpretative language and an analytical approach which cannot be confused with those of other schools of thought or schools of work.

The Association provides services, such as exclusive updates and meetings for its members. The efforts made for its creation have been rewarded by an official recognition by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region with a subsequent enrolment in the registry of the associations of professionals not belonging to formal Professional Associations (Ordini Professionali). This means that MAd'AN can boast regulations that are as rigorous and strict as those of the Regional directives, and can enjoy the advantages offered by this status. MAd'AN was created to give a face to the Method, or many faces rather, that recognise one another for the cultural affinities and the important work they have in common.