Lucia Torri Cianci Prize 2015

"One day we decided to be something else, for ever”

As from this year, our Congress will be the occasion to launch a new initiative. By taking inspiration from Lucia Torri Cianci's innovative and visionary spirit, Semiste and Alius have decided to create the “Lucia Torri Cianci Prize” which a jury will award to one or more professionals who have stood out for their “DIFFERENT” vision in their respective fields.

Today more than ever, we believe that a change of paradigm is essential. This is how we intend to make our contribution, by representing and recognising those who feel that a better world is possible. It will be the right opportunity to come in contact with those professionals who, in their fields, have developed a different way of thinking, an out-of-the-box theory, an innovative project. .

We look forward to welcoming you to spend three unforgettable days together.