Genetic itinerary

The Law of the Tao 1-2-3 (the Tao and micromassage)
Three theoretical sessions of three days each
Il Tao è un concetto filosofico che accompagna il Metodo in tutte le sue applicazioni. Tutta la materia riguardante la medicina cinese e le sue rappresentazioni energetiche si basa sulla conoscenza dei 5 elementi. I protagonisti sono l’energia e le sue leggi. Leggi cosmiche e stagionali, leggi organiche e metaboliche. L’energia che regola ogni funzione corporea ed emotiva, la cui dinamica contribuisce a preservare l’armonia e il benessere della nostra immagine, perché un’energia vitale in equilibrio equivale ad una bellezza più luminosa e naturale.
Fourth Course
A three-day theoretical and practical session
The Programme covered in Tao 1, 2, 3 provides a general overview of energy. In this module, the concept of energy will be tackled in more concrete terms through a number of steps, as follows - by listening to the heart rhythm through the pulse, in order to focus our attention on the rhythm of energy; by observing reflex points on the foot, to be seen as clues for identifying micromassage points related to energy fullness and emptiness.

And by working specifically on energy meridians to restore optimal energy balance along energy channels.
Fifth Course
A three-day theoretical and practical session
This session will focus on the study of energy postures. We will analyse various types of pain, seen as energy that has become locked into the body, or as ‘perverse’ energy. The body will be treated with manual techniques to restore a healthy yin-yang balance.

We will analyse the areas in the body that are most affected by pain symptoms due to energy blockages. These areas will be treated to restore the energy functional balance.

Application formulas and protocols will conclude this fascinating journey into meridians, i.e. energy distribution channels.


These courses represent the theoretical and practical continuation of the first three courses on energy. As such, they will focus on the use of manual techniques to work on micromassage points in order to redress the balance of energy production in the body both at times of well-being and in cases of functional/emotional distress.