Become a Practitioner

We started from the need to promote functional and homogeneous teaching activities, in order to encourage trainees to attend an educational programme that could offer additional benefits extending well beyond knowledge and professional development. We also wanted to feel like we had set up a ‘School' that enjoyed not only internal, but also external visibility - a school that could offer systematic educational programmes, comprehensive preparation and a sense of cohesion to its students. The educational programme is designed for a four-year completion time. Such time limits, however, are not mandatory and courses are designed to enable students to obtain the LTCMP certificate within a reasonable period of time. At the end of each session, a workshop will be set up with reference to the courses attended that year. The students will also be allowed to attend other courses they had not covered as part of their basic programme because they focused in greater depth on specific topics.

Admission requirements


Upon completion of the educational programme, the trainees shall be entitled to:

Application requirements

Obligations of L.T.C.M.P.'s

Period of validity of the L.T.C.M. brand license

The L.T.C.M.P. license shall be valid for two years. Validity can be extended by the same period of time after checking the practitioner's compliance with the regulations contained herein.

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